Key things when starting a business with Shopify

Online life has become prevalent in the twenty-first century as people are always online using their phones and tablet trying to follow any new trends. Nowadays, people are even buying more goods online than before. Therefore, it makes sense for entrepreneurs and business men to want to tap into this opportunity. As a result, e-commerce has turned into a big trend in the current world. While some businesses choose to use platforms like social media to grow their business, others have chosen to use large platforms like Shopify.  Keep on reading to get introduced to Shopify.

What is Shopify?


Due to the current rate at which e-commerce businesses are gaining customers, most business people would like to launch their online business. Normally, they will have to answer two questions. Can they build a website? If not, who will build one for them?

Well, Shopify is an e-commerce solution that helps these entrepreneurs launch their businesses online. Unlike hiring a professional web designer, it is way cheaper to use Shopify to set up your online store. Once you set up your account, the website gives you a series of customizable templates where you can easily add the details of your company such as a logo, brand name and even pictures. Furthermore, the app offers you a 14-day free trial period during which you can decide whether it tickles your fancy or not.

Steps to Starting a Business with Shopify. Create an Account.

Whether you would like to start an online business or you would just like to try it out, Shopify will allow you to create an account. Visit and click the sign-up button. Fill your details in the form that will show up and click the button that says ‘create your store now’. The name that you give your store ought to be unique. Otherwise, the app will suggest that you chose another name. The next form will have a page that will require you to fill information such as your country, contact number and address. Also, you will be asked about the product that you would like to sell. If you would only like to try Shopify out, click the button that says ‘just playing around’ before clicking the ‘am done button.

Start your Shop set up.

Once you are done a signing in, the next page that you will see will be that of your store admin page. You can easily upload product information, and set up your shipping and payment options.

Choose a Layout or Theme for your Store.

Shopify has an inbuilt theme store from which you can easily choose templates to use as your store theme. These templates are easily customizable without having to interfere with the coding of the themes. While free templates are easily customizable, premium templates will offer you more customization options. In case you would like to change a theme completely, you can easily do so by using the ccs or HTML as long as you understand coding. Otherwise, you can use a group of designers called Shopify experts to fully customise your store theme.

Add your Product.

To add a product, the bar on the left and click on the button that says ‘products’. Click the blue ‘add product’ button at the top right corner of your screen. Here you can add as many details about your product as possible. Use details that will improve your sites SEO.  You can also upload your product’s pictures from here. Be sure to choose enticing images. Once you are done adding your product, click the ‘save product’ button.

Take your Store live.

Before taking your store live, you will have to include some details on how you will plan to pay taxes and the methods that you will be using to ship your products. After this, you can make your store live.

Three Tips to a successful Shopify Store.

Hire an Accountant.

As a way to cut the cost of their online stores, people will often want to do all the heavy lifting by themselves. This idea is unwise as they may make some blunders in keeping track of their sales while they still have to deal with the running up of the store. To be safe, employ an accountant from the moment that you set up the store.

Be punctual.

While starting an online store allows you to work under your guidelines, it is vital that you set a limit to your freedom. This statement means that you should almost always be available to any client that might want to buy your product. Be prompt in delivery of your products to ensure that you earn the trust of your customers.

Have an excellent Customer Service.

For any business to succeed, the client will need to be treated right. Make sure that the customer care agents that you hire understand this fact. Whenever a customer is asking about a product, answer all their questions and ensure that they are completely satisfied by your services.

The digital era has revolutionized the business world. It, therefore, makes sense for you to want to venture into a Shopify store to tap into this opportunity. The above guideline will be more than helpful in doing so.


Key things to know when starting a business on Upwork

The modern world as we know it changes every day in every view possible. So, according to this, naturally, the hard working men and women need to increase their monthly income. One of the best ways that the World Wide Web can offer is free to use online website Upwork.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a free to sign up/use website that was developed and released to the users back in 2015. This home working website is designed for people who have extra time on their hands, and want to make some extra money. But still, however, this doesn’t mean that nobody else can join. On the contrary, the website is available for anyone that has the wish to start working and making money online.

This website is available for all people from around the world and is one hundred percent safe for work. There are many users and workers on the site that can provide a lot of various skills and abilities to keep the people who pay them happy.

This also means that the people who pay for this kind of services should be very happy with the final and finished product. The users that work on this website are called Freelancers.

Steps to starting on Upwork


Now, for all online users that are not familiar with this particular website, but also want to start working, there are a couple of things that everybody should know. First of all, Upwork is a completely safe to work and get paid website. So all of the potential users should not be worried about their income or will they get paid. So, to start on Upwork, the user has to create a no existing account. This is done by going to the website and filling an online application for the website. The information should include the user’s full name and surname, credit card, email, username, password and street address. The street address should be filled in correctly.

This is very important because of the billings which will be sent to the user’s addresses. Now, once the account has been created, the user should verify it by his email which he previously used to fill the application. Once this is done, the users can start updating their profiles on Upwork.

The most important thing while this is done is for the users to upload their profile pictures, write down a short but a good explaining description of them and describing what kind of offers they can provide to their potential customers. This is a must.

For the new users to attract their first customers, they need to advertise themselves a bit just to get people to know them. The users of this website have these two options: They can either make an offer to some potential customers for the skills they provide, or they can apply for a job.

Applying for a job is often the best way to find your first job and every other job after that. This can be done by clicking the Find Job tab on the user profile menu.

From there, the users have the option to choose between various categories and find the category that describes them. This is done in order to provide the best services to the potential customers.

Keys to success with Upwork

Now, after all of the previously mentioned steps have been done, it’s time for the users to make one step further. The next step is to find the first customer. As mentioned before, the best way to do this is to make an offer to a previously found ad in the Find Job category. At the very beginning, the Freelancers that are new to the website have no profile activity. No jobs are done, no income whatsoever and no feedback. So with that being said, the new Freelancer has the task to find his first job quickly. This is also very important because if the freelancers have no profile activity whatsoever in a long time, the Upwork website itself can terminate their accounts. That’s the policy. So after the Freelancers find their first job, they should arrange a price with the customer.

The price of every job may vary. This is due to the many different categories and jobs that the freelancers have to offer. After clinching the deal, the customer gives the freelancer a deadline.

The deadline represents the amount of time the freelancer has in order to successfully finish the paid job. The best way to achieve this is for the freelancer to start working immediately, to stay concentrated, fast, open minded and giving the unique final product to the customer.

This has to be done so the customer can rate you and give you feedback with five stars. The feedback is what it’s all about. More feedback and five stars will attract more customers. The final product that the customer pays for has to be 100% unique. So it is best for the freelancers to avoid copying some material from the internet.

Start your own business today

Starting up a business can be the most exciting time for anyone. Before you start, save yourself money and time by getting the insight of what you need to involve in a business. Investing enough time into planning your business properly is critical in making your dreams become a reality. Operating a small business does not only mean working from home or for yourself but it also involves possessing the necessary technical skills, management skills, industry expertise, financial skills and also a long-term vision to grow and succeed.

There are some critical steps to consider before starting a business that will determine how your business success or failure. They include:

Conducting A Personal Evaluation

Personal evaluation involves determining your strengths, interests, and the type of job that you can do best. This knowledge enables you to be happy. The following questions help you in the process of personal evaluation;

  • Which skills do you possess?
  • What do you like to do?
  • Why do you need to start a business?
  • What service will you provide to your customers?
  • How much capital is available to risk?

These questions help you to narrow your focus into a more clear idea. This step is not supposed to discourage you from starting your own business. Instead, it aims at getting your planning and thinking right in order to achieve a successful business. Conducting a SWOT Analysis on yourself enables you to determine who you really are.

Analyzing Your Industry

Once you decide on the type of business to start, that fits your lifestyle and goals, it is necessary to evaluate your idea. The more you know about your industry, the more secure and advantage you will have. This stage will enable you to figure out how much capital you will need to start your business. This also helps you to know your competitors. In order to know how attractive your target market, there are several key things you need to consider such as:

How urgently do people need your product? This question helps you to make the necessary business arrangements as soon as possible so as to get started.  What is the size of your market? This question gives you insight and tells you if there already people in demand of your products or services.

How easy is it or how much will it cost you to acquire a customer? If you are a lead generation business, it may require you to significantly invest more.

How much effort does it need you to have? This will get you fully prepared for the business. How long much time does you need to start the business? Are you going to join one of the top MLM companies?  Will it take a month, a year or several years to start?  It will ensure you sufficient time to plan your business. Is your business reliable and relevant to your customers? The type of business you intend to start is that which cuts across the needs of your customers.

Is your business sustainable? The business you intend to start should offer products and services that other competitors don’t offer. Learn as much as possible about other competitors and the services they offer and derive new and creative ways to improve and offer better services to the customers.

Click here to learn how to pick a business

Make It Legal

Registering your business is the first and most important step to take towards making it happen in the business world. However, knowing the cons and pros of different business formations is equally important. Working with an attorney is helpful to iron out the legal details to take when starting the business. You also require acquiring proper business permits and licenses for your business. Depending on the type of business, there may be county, city or state regulations to deal with. This is also the best time to check the insurance you need for the business and find a good accountant. The existing types of business formations include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company

Spending sufficient information about each of these formations is helpful in knowing the business you need to start.

Start The Planning Process

Proper planning is necessary for the success of any business besides financing. A business plan helps you figure out how much capital you need to invest in your business, where you are headed and what needs to get done. A business plan is simply the road map to your business that will outline the things you need to do to achieve your business goals. A business plan does not need to be formal at all if you do not need to present it to other people. A standard business plan comprises nine parts which include:

  • The executive summary
  • Company overview
  • Products and services
  • Target market
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Financial plan
  • Management team
  • Milestones and metrics
  • Appendix

Get Financed

Financing your business is an important step and depending on the size of your venture, you may need to seek for finances from loan firms. Small businesses often begin with private financing from personal loans, credit cards, help from family and friends and so on. It is also a requirement to match with the loaning company’s needs for appropriate financing option. The main lending and investment options include:

  • Venture capital
  • Commercial banks
  • Friends and family
  • Accounts receivable specialists
  • Angel investments
  • Small business administration

Starting a business online is one of the main steps to take for a successful business. Designing and building an online website for your business is necessary and can determine the extent of success for your business. It should contain the bestselling contents that promote your business to your target market. There are some important tips to keep in mind when creating a website for your business which includes:

  • Make your navigation clear and simple on every page of your website
  • Only use audio, video or graphics that promote your business
  • Make it easy to buy your products online
  • Make your website customer friendly because it is your online storefront
  • Include an opt- in offer to so that you can collect email addresses.

How Can You Drive Targeted And Potential Buyers To Your Site?

The best, easiest and most efficient way to drive customers to your website is by using search engines. Search engines work by creating traffic on your website by the use of keyword. Choosing the best keywords to choose makes it easy for people to locate your website.

How To Find The Best Business For You?

A Business Module

Why is a business good for you? There are many reasons a person would want a good business for himself or herself.  Not only that, it should be the best business. As always finding the best business is the tricky part. The business needs to be right for you and according to how you envisioned it. Also, you need to look at your passions and skills.

You as a person have the greatest power and responsibility. Taking action should be your key and most important step. This is helpful and important as it shows your commitment and how badly do you want it. Change is the biggest hurdle for most human beings. Why do you need a change in your life? Seeking change for you can be because of many reasons. These reasons might be personal or just trying to achieve a dream you had once. This dream might be finding the best business for you.

As with any good business, your goal is to make the business profitable. The success of this business is paramount and failure is not for you. How you achieve this success is related to the type of business you will take up. Success is not guaranteed in business for anyone. What you can do is ensure that you have and put everything in place. That is you are putting the odds in your favour. Your business success boils down to how good the business is.

Now you have your reasons for doing this. Your motive and motivations are intact. You have the drive; it is now time for real actionable steps.

Why This Business?

As a first step of determining whether a business is worthwhile. This is crucial as you need to do a thorough research. The research is intended to help and assist in your endeavour. The type of business you want to get involved in guides your research. Doing a research is the foundation of what you are after. A research can be done through the online platforms or websites. The internet is swarmed with very many business ideas to choose from. Remember this step involves finding the business idea. The idea is what will help you out on the path to follow.

Which business idea is what determines whether the business is good or bad? As I have already pointed out know what you are after. You can also dive in and just look out for an idea with no plan. Going in with no proper plan in hand usually wastes a lot of your time and delayed progress. It is not recommended for you to do so. A plan guides to the big picture or type of future you vision.  You will definitely be on the path to success if you follow this plan. This sort of a guideline is what you need as it is very advantageous to you. Having an advantage is usually what you need as you are always a step ahead. The right business idea breeds the right kind of success.

A Solution for a Business

Another direction you need to follow is looking out for a solution to a problem which plagues or bothers a certain community. For example, people lack transportation to certain points or areas hence you form a transport business. This solution you have created is usually the business idea or eureka moment. The good thing here, don’t know if I should call it that, is that there is never a lack of problems in the world. These problems need a solution and it is usually the business sector which is looked at upon to solve them. To anyone who solves them they will have incredible success. You will have to look into your community, what is lacking? This lack is considered an opportunity to an entrepreneur. Having this mindset is what will separate the wheat from the shaft. You will be different and that is good as a person with a vision of having or owning your own business.

The economic times have a big role to play here. You will need to ask yourself whether it is right to have a business under this economic time. It can be either good or bad and what you will have to do here is weigh your options. Is there a higher probability of success? Will I make any money? Are there going to be sales? These questions you will have to deal with them on the journey of a good business. If the answers to these questions are in the positive, your success rate is really great.

Looking for what you are after is usually problematic to anyone. After you get it all the effort you have put in are worth it.

Social Network Marketing Where Is It Going?

Social network marketing is starting to become one of the most successful techniques to earn income online today.

Some people are already making important incomes, while some others are getting nowhere with their efforts.

If you’re yet to join in the social media marketing frenzy, there are variety of things that you really should know before you enter into this competitive marketplace.

You want A Strategy in Social Network Marketing

You have to keep an eye fixed on the competition and that implies following and watching what the competition are doing, call it spying if you will, but it is the best way to find out the cause of their achievement.


When you decide to enter the world of social networking you’ve got to build your personality, make folks believe that they know you and like you, and most importantly trust you.

Once you enter the arena of social networking, nobody knows who you are, so part of the strategy is to build your online personality, interact with others continually, i.e. Be sociable. You cannot mix your private life with your business life, when starting social networking on Facebook you must create a page for your business, and keep this completely separate.

Footage of you at a party with a beer in your hand, and comments from your buddies about how great the party was, isn’t going to impress any person if they are mixed in with your business promotions. Do you understand this? Few people will buy something from you, if they suspect that all you do is party every night. The key is, keep your business and personal life separate, brand yourself, although you’ll finish up looking like a schizophrenic.

Social Network Marketing using Video

There are uncountable billions of hits on videos every day on YouTube, it is one of the hottest social media marketing platforms today, and many of us make enormous incomes from posting videos, so it is critical that you find out how to make good videos that show you in them. If you dislike being in front of a camera then sadly you are just going to need to get used to it, and if you do not know how to make a video then you will have to learn. There are many websites that give directions – video marketing has become so vital nowadays, both on social media sites, blogs and websites.

It’s exactly like in the old days of face to face marketing, when people went out and stood in malls, or invited people to their home for Tupperware parties, when people  see you, like and trust you, then they will buy.

Social Media Marketing is Attraction Marketing

Even if you post a photograph of yourself somewhere, check you are smiling! Hiding behind a Gravatar will do nothing for personal branding.

Obviously in social media folks wish to start to know you and what makes you tick. If you do push your business thru social media sites, you can expect to encounter folk who need to socialize too much, and you will have to be taught how to be mannered to keep those distractions as low as possible. In fact , this is how you hope to earn your revenue, so you must keep your real socializing separate.

The reason why you do this is to produce leads, and do not forget that. Think leads all of the time. Think personal branding all of the time. Always be advised that you are growing your business.

When you master the art of social network marketing, you’ll be able to create leads on demand and thousands of bucks in commissions, and you will also be able to enroll more folks to your opportunity each week than via most other methods.